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Mr. Crouse, Here are couple photos of the marina staff this year. In my 32 consecutive years at Waldenwoods, this is the best staff ever!!! As you can see, they interact with the kids, not just set up activities. They interact with the adults as if they are friends and family. When the weather was cold and things were slow, they played with the few kids down at the beach and cleaned and maintained the boats. It seems to me that this is the atmosphere Waldenwoods has always been reaching for and this year achieved. Great job!

Kerrie Kelly


Recently I was an invited guest at Waldenwoods. I was with one of your membership campers while they celebrated the 64th anniversary of their parents.

I had always wondered why they would have a camping membership so close to their home, but now I totally understand their thinking.

The pace in our lives is surely a busy one. Yet when I entered into your campground I was instantly able to relax and thoroughly enjoy the beautiful summer day. Your setting is gorgeous. The activities that are available for your campers is very thoughtful as there is something for all ages to enjoy. And just sitting still and visiting with people is also deemed as just the perfect activity for many.

Your staff was so friendly and engaging. At the gate the man was very pleasant as we checked in verifying the meeting of our friends. Doug came by to check on cars making sure they were all parked in the right spots and he was very friendly sharing with us to have a great day.

Dee, the gal on the golf cart, she came by many times to ask if we were all set, were we enjoying ourselves or did we need anything. She even shared the activities that were available for younger ones in our party to enjoy. Soon some of the people in our group were off to your pool. Others were bouncing and swimming in the water. Some were playing a new game on the beach. Others were painting ceramic pieces and Dian was so kind and helpful to our little painters. Others took a stroll and enjoyed seeing the Cromaine and other houses along the beach.

I don't know who is responsible for the training of your staff but they are doing a great job. Everyone seemed happy and friendly. Even the lady who was cleaning the bathroom. She walked over to share that it was locked due to cleaning but that she would unlock it in a timely manner.

So, hats off to you all at Waldenwoods. We had a great day due to your setting, the weather and your staff.

Diana Worthy

Our Family Fourth of July 2014 at Waldenwoods

Hi Brian,
I have been a member since December 2012 & I must say we have so enjoyed all Waldenwoods has to offer.

Most resently we camped for 1 week over the 4th of July and then again this past weekend.

We have 5 children & 13 grand kids. The fun and activities are just simply amazing.

The 4th of July celebration is like the super bowl of Waldenwoods. Our entire family just loves it.

The fireworks this year were spectacular.

This past weekend my 11 yr old grandson won the fishing derby. Now he feels he is a super star and wants to know if I need any fishing pointers.

We really love everything your team does and how they are so member focused.

The worker campers also are wonderful.

Some day in the future when I retire I may just have to look into helping out at Waldenwoods.

Keep up the great efforts toward family fun & enterainment.

Thank you & your team so much.
Have a great day, 
Paul Jackson

Tom & Charlene Brender

Congratulations to us as this spring marks the 25th anniversary of becoming members at Waldenwoods.

In March of 1984 we visited the camper show looking for information on recreation resorts. We were tired of pulling our trailer in traffic to various campgrounds and were looking for a resort that offered both storage and camping. We picked up literature at a Waldenwoods booth and decided to check it out.

We were greeted at Cromaine by Bob McBride who was the only one around and told us that the the resort had not officially started to do tours, but he would be more than happy to show us around. The upstairs (now the bar and rec room) still had stacks of old bunk beds from the days when businessmen and their families would be there for conventions. He described how Cromaine would eventually shape up. He said the A-frame was going to be the membership office and tours would be conducted from there. There would eventually be a paved road only for walking surrounding the lake. Sunshine and Friendship buildings would become lodging rentals. We liked what we saw and made an appointment to receive the details of purchasing a membership.

On the day of our appointment we were promised that various amenities were in the future besides fishing, ice skating, snowmobiling, tobogganing and x-country skiing. An Olympic size pool and hot tub would be added as well as a park store and dinners at Cromaine. There would be boat rentals from a building called,"the Black Cat" and members would be given an additional option to "winter camp." We decided the beauty of the lake and the surrounding property alone were well worth the price of the membership. We were sold. We signed up following two other families. They were members # 1 and #2 and we became #3.

One of my most memorable experiences was the first morning of camping when I went to put on the coffee in our trailer and staring me in the face in the window was a runaway cow who had escaped from the farm which is now the golf course.

During our 25 years with Waldenwoods we have witnessed many more improvements and additions. The number of campsites more than doubled and the new ones became full hook-ups. A bathhouse, laundry and pavillion were constructed and small trees were planted in the new portion of the campground. David and Lisa Greutman were employed as park manager and social activities director. They became married and a baby shower was held at the resort when they were expecting their daughter. Brian Crouse, then a teenager, did boat rentals and assisted with teen activities.

Our children are now grown with children of their own and always enjoy coming to visit. Members #1 and #2 have come and gone, so for a very many years we are proud to claim original membership with many others who, like us still belong to and enjoy the resort. We've had a great 25 years at Waldenwoods and hope to have many more.

From Tom & Charlene Brender
Macomb Township, Membership #E0003


Great! Very special place!


Liked listening to the band this weekend.


We really enjoyed our stay. Beautiful large sites, Very nice park with a lot of activities. Keep up the good work. Your dedication shows! Thank you.


Five stars all around! The 4th of July holiday went beautifully- activities for the kids, food to go and beer tent are done well! Fireworks were outstanding! A big thank you to the owners, managers, staff and volunteers for making Waldenwoods a place we always enjoy and look forward to coming to! Keep up the good work- we really appreciate it!


All personnel are very accommodating. The more we use Waldenwoods, the more we like it.

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